Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Crochet... Hat Pattern at end

Craft-wise, it was a crochet summer...
I spent a week in June volunteering at youth camp, and while I was there, another camp worker (a lady in her 70s named Ginny) patiently taught me how to crochet pot holders, which inspired me to jump back into crochet head first.

Before this summer, I could do a chain... and a double crochet and that was it. I had never finished a project.

But, now, I am proud to announce I can do a double crochet, a single crochet, a treble crochet, and even a puff stitch. And I taught myself to read a pattern (even though I never use them because I insist upon changing them...)

I learned how to make little pot scrubbers, dishcloths, and pot holders, of course, and more recently I figured out how to make a crochet hat, which was really exciting...

Here's my directions for an easy crochet hat: (pictures to follow)

1. Chain 4 stitches.
2. Sl st to join the 1st st to the 4th st.
3. 10 sc in the large hole created.
Now you have a circle.
4. Sc twice in each st around and around until you have a circle about as big as your palm.
5. Now, sc once in each hole.
6. When you get sick of making that stitch and want to switch it up a bit, do yourself some rows of dc or tc or hdc or something.
7. When you get a few rows away from where you need the hat to end, do some rows of hdc.
8. Knot it and weave the ends in.
9. Enjoy your hat while looking cool.

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