Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new ideas

Spring Break is next week... this week I have midterms... this is how they make you appreciate your break.
Anyway... Spring Break... I never go anywhere for Spring Break. When I was in second grade, we went to Disney World. This was-seriously- the last trip I took on Spring Break.
Plus I don't drink and don't fancy spending $1,000 to attend the World's Largest College Drunk/Sex Festival.

SO... I will be staying in Kansas to craft!!!! And do some other stuff.

As far as fused bags and duct tape are concerned, I have some new ideas.
Feel free to throw in your suggestions.

I am thinking:
Fused plastic diaper bag and accessories (a pouch for diapers and wipes)
And I saw a SUPERCOOL reusable pouch at Target for $7.99 to put your baby/toddler's wet clothes in (like at the beach) so you don't have to carry around 328759379 plastic shopping sacks. I would like to make one of those with fused plastic, but a zipper is involved.

Maybe some accessories for the tote-on occasion, a tote becomes a purse, at least for me, and pouches help things stay organized amid textbooks and highlighters and an iPod, lipgloss,

And a reusable lunchsack type thing. With Velcro.

Here's a helpful tip: anything you see on Craftster or similar website that is made from vinyl, usually can also be made out of fused plastic.

More ideas? A week is a long time. I will likely make several projects.
I'm kind of addicted...

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